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Pecha Kucha Portland - The Creative Process of Living Aboard In Maine

Forgive me for not writing a new post in days (weeks?). I have neglected you and feel like a bad person. 

I have been writing though, as I was honored to be chosen to join some very talented and passionate Maine folk in presenting at the July Pecha Kucha Portland event on July 12. Don Elliot - a talented and committed Pecha Kucha Volunteer handled the technical side of things and posted this video of my presentation. When you have about 8 minutes, tune in and see why we moved aboard and what it's like to live aboard in Maine in the winter. 


Barbara Hart at Pecha Kucha Portland, Maine from Pecha Kucha Portland on Vimeo.


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Woohoo! That was amazing. Great images - great story. I am so excited for you guys :)

Kathy Malon

What a great presentation--the audience loved you (as they should!) Congratulations!

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Please let me know if I can help in any way with the running stuff. And can I interest you in trying a triathlon!?

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