Cutting the Lines -- Live Aboard Sailors Become World Cruisers

Oh Golly. Now you know. If you hadn't made it through the Pecha Kucha post yesterday and heard the announcement at the end -- if you missed the clues on this blog and Twitter -- if you didn't believe we'd really do it. Now you know. We will not spend another winter in Maine on the boat. In October we are leaving for a gentle sail down the Eastern seaboard, checking in with friends and family along the way. 

We plan to have Thanksgiving in Jacksonville and Christmas in the U.S.V.I. Then we'll sail. And sail. At this point in time we plan to sail back to Maine and Nova Scotia in three or four years. We'll visit ports on both sides of the Atlantic until we're done. Then we will go through the Panama Canal and sail on that side of the world until we're done. 

We're going sailing. I cannot even tell you what I'm thinking or feeling right now. This isn't a surprise to me, but there are "Going Pains". We aren't sleeping well. We are so thankful for our friends and family. We have been feted with one going-away/anniversary party already. This is all precious and important but my words here only skim the surface. 

I promise you more.

For now, I'm getting ready for what I hope is my Last Yard Sale Ever. As I would ask EW when we were painting the bottom of our first boat, "Am I having fun, yet?"  


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Corri C.

Usually I lurk here, but I had to say:

Thanksgiving in Jacksonville(I'm assuming you mean Florida) is the best time to be here. Stick around for the boat parade and Fireworks on the Saturday after. If you don't already have a tour guide and need one, drop me a line. (a comment on my blog at the link will send me an email if typepad doesn't give it to you.)

Good luck and smooth sailing!


What an awesome adventure!

Barbara Hart

Thank you for our comment and the news about the boat parade. I had no idea there was a boat parade that weekend.

Thank you as well for lurking here. Lurkers are welcome -- in fact some of our best friends lurk here. ;)

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