A Cruiser's Fishing Horror Story
Good morning. Here's my view from my yoga mat. Sun Salutations on the stern deck.

Too Much Information Tuesday -- What's in Your Pocketbook?

Life on the hook/mooring is certainly interesting -- particularly when one has a small business, belongs to various organizations and likes to entertain. We meet landlubbers (like my sister <hugs>) on land, but invite boaters out for drinks and dinner aboard La Luna. 

On Saturday, we were hosting two other couples (see the fishing horror story if you missed it) and I of course had to clean the boat. I also had to grab a few things that had been forgotten when I'd shopped for the weekend. 

The day before I had attended an early meeting, so I'd taken business clothes and all of my gear (hair dryer, make-up, etc) in with me in the morning and had left  the shower duffel in my car on Friday evening. After cleaning the boat on Saturday morning, I was hot and sweaty and certainly not ready for prime time when I headed in to shore to get presentable. 

My intention was to grab my shower bag, head to the showers, and then go to the store. Since nearly everything I needed for my shower was on shore, I popped clean panties a bra and a casual T-shirt into my largish zippered shoulder bag and jumped into the dinghy. 

Once ashore, I trudged up the hill to the car and said, "Oh the heck with it!" (It being looking and smelling good in public.) Instead  I took that quick trip to the grocery store. I was focused: father's day card, fizzy water, limes, cheese, done!  

There was only one very nice looking young man ahead of me in the 14-or-fewer line -- but more filled in behind me. Imagine my horror when I opened my shoulder bag to find the items on the top were the items I had intended to use first -- panties and bra!  I don't think anyone else saw them and I hope that my red face was attributed to a hot flash. 


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Here I expected it to be a lot grosser. Still, what a hoot. I really think you ought to tweet your blogging so those of us who forget to check'll check. :-)

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