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The Live Aboard Sailor's Life - Getting Up at Dawn - Really?

In a recent post I waxed euphoric about living aboard and the changes we've had to make to live on the mooring. I truthfully (at the time) discussed how this was not a hardship and .. well you can read it here if you want. 

I meant it, I really did. I also meant it when I told EW that I was delighted his knee is fully healed and he had started back at the gym. At no point did it occur to me that he would arise at 5:15 AM in order to go ashore. In fact, on his first day of getting in shape, I mis-understood that little pat to my hip in the wee hours. As I was slowly becoming awake enough to respond, EW said, "Let's get going if I'm going to be at the gym by 6:00."


So I got up and gathered my gear and put on my life jacket and climbed down to the dinghy. We motored ashore and I completed a 3-mile interval walk, stretched, and did some yoga moves. 

I had been awake enough to understand that this new schedule would also mess up the other end of our mornings. Before EW went to the gym, we would get up around 6 or so, motor to shore and I would exercise (see above). EW would shower and shave and head back to the boat to run the engine and have breakfast. I would shower and dry my hair and put on make-up. (Yes, I can be a girly girl--you have a problem with that?) When he commuted in to work, I took the dinghy out to LaLuna and enjoyed my breakfast (see this pic of my perfect morning), listened to NPR, did the dishes and then got on with my day. 

It worked.

Now, he comes back from the gym just as I am stepping out of the shower and he needs to go out to the boat for breakfast and to run the engine for 45 minutes. It does not  take me 45 minutes to do hair and make-up--I'm not that girly. So I have been going out to the boat with him for breakfast and engine running (no NPR). 

It's not working for me. 

We need to revisit this for those days I don't have to attend a morning meeting. I miss my NPR. I miss my sleep. I thought that since EW had a 10 minute commute we would no longer have to rise at 5:30 -- we don't. Now we get up at 5:15. 

It's not working for me. I'm a morning person -- heck -- I'm pretty much disgustingly positive and chipper during all my waking hours. Neither of us like to work out in the evening and that would more negatively impact our lifestyle. So I have to suck it up and make this work for me. 

A blog that I enjoy, Interview with a Sailor, reinforced our new waking hours 


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