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An Ethical Yacht Broker

First, full disclosure: I definitely am connected to this Ethical Yacht Broker. He is my husband, Stew--AKA EW, @CaptEW on Twitter, Stew@GreatIslandBoatyard.com. We have a loving, fun, and fiduciary arrangement as we have joint checking and savings accounts. We clear, FCC?

Stew became a yacht broker 10 years ago after a 25+ career as a salesman for a wholesale marine supplier. He wanted a change of careers, but our friends F & E who then owned Great Island Boatyard, didn't know that. They had just purchased the boatyard and wanted Stew to become the yacht broker there. It was a great move for all.

Stew took a course in MS Office, joined the Yacht Brokers Association of America and immediately became an active member, taking courses towards his CYPB -- Certified Professional Yacht Broker.  He passed all the tests with flying colors and it came as no surprise to me that he aced the ethics portion of the test. He's an honest guy.

He knows boats, and he loves helping folks find the right one for them. Of course since he is commissioned, he loves selling larger, more expensive boats but he also gets great joy when helping folks purchase their first (usually smaller) boat. 

Recently he listed a very well maintained Cape Dory Typhoon. This week he sold that boat to a gentleman who was purchasing it for his yacht club. The price was less than $10,000 and some yacht brokers don't "waste their time" with such boats. This is what happens when you treat every customer well. Stew received the following email:


    Just a brief note to thank you for the service and courtesy you provided as L. and I visited to look     at the Cape Dory Typhoon for the Boat Club.  Having bought and sold a number of boats, I     recognize that you approach the brokerage business in a different fashion than many brokers.  

    After all, we were looking at a $7,500 small boat.  Yet ,you provided us with all the time we needed     to make a decision for our club.  You negotiated with the sellers promptly and contacted us without     delay.  The outcome is likely to be beneficial for all involved. 

    In the future, I intend to refer friends looking for a boats to you.  When it comes time for my wife     and I to sell our present boat (Hinckley B-40), I will certainly consult with you.

    Nicely done.



Yes, Honey. Nicely done. (But I know to expect nothing less.)  

If you - or anyone you know wants to buy a boat  -- check out EW's  listings! I particularly like the 46' Tartan or the 39' VILM. If you want to cruise in a power boat, check out the 46' Jarvis Newman.


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Alex Nislick

I second TL's words. Stew was great in helping me buy Summer Song and even better I found both of you on Twitter, and all the other Mainiacs that I have met through you.


Congrats to EW. Those of us who know him aren't surprised at all. He's a stand up guy. If I ever want to buy a boat - first, slap me... but after that, I'm calling Stew.


Nice post. I can pass along this story ... About two years ago I was speaking with a small boat builder friend who was trying to sell a boat he had built on spec. The boat was not selling and I asked him if he might consider listing it with a broker. After completing an approximately 5 minute speech about all the ways he disliked brokers and recounting all of his prior bad experiences with brokers, I said that there had to be one broker out there he liked. He told me there was only one ethical, experienced broker in Maine who does right by both buyer and seller. I asked who that was. He said Stew Hart. (Fortunately for my friend, he sold his boat a few days later)


Thank you, Brian. I have forwarded your note to Stew.

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