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A Cruiser's Fishing Horror Story

On Saturday we hosted "old" and new friends on the boat. One couple, D & J, we've known for a number of years. Like us, they are year-round live aboards in Maine and dream of taking off someday to go cruising. We met M & J just a month ago. In 2008, they returned from 10 years of cruising and living abroad.  

May I digress for a moment and relate my favorite moment of Saturday's conversation? M said that there are no snakes on New Zealand and no poisonous beasties of any kind. We are definitely going to New Zealand. 

Now then, back to our original topic: fishing on board.

So we discussed fishing gear and landing fish.  D mentioned that we "wannabes" had all read about using hard liquor to quickly and bloodlessly kill fish once you've landed them. M said that French Rhum from the Caribbean is excellent for that as it isn't excellent to drink. (Good to know.)

Her husband J, world cruiser, looked at us intently and said with great feeling and a visible shudder, "I have a fishing horror story."

Like children around a campfire, we begged to hear it, imagining a first person account such as those we had read about -- folks who landed a large, live fish into a small cockpit .. imagine the horror!

So he told his tale: "I was fishing on a friend's boat and he landed a good sized mahi-mahi - and as soon as he got it into the cockpit, he poured Jack Daniels into its gills!

We all leaned forward, waiting for what came next ..... and realized that was it. 

Evidently true cruisers care which liquor is used to kill dinner. I've added "rot-gut rum" to the provisioning list. 

Mahi or Dorado


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