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We Live - Aboard Sailors Aren't That Different From You - We Just Made a Different Choice

Non-boaters and casual boaters have one response to my recent post Sunday's Day of Plumbing. They are "in awe" of me. They think I'm special. They "can't imagine" doing what I do. 

I'm a good sport (most of the time) but other live-aboards have much more experience than I do at pitching in to make repairs. This may be new to me but it sure isn't new. Women who live aboard or who have gone on long distance cruises all have stories to tell (and bruises to describe)about the recalcitrant bilge pump or the stuck winch or lost halyard. We do what is necessary to keep the boat moving and safe and comfortable. 

That is no different than what any responsible person does - of any gender. As EW says, "You make your choice and then you make that choice right." 

You did that if you chose to have kids. That choice changed your life forever. I know a lot of incredible parents who are raising their children in wonderful ways that I never imagined. That was their choice and they made it right. 

I know a couple who left corporate America, purchased a business and moved their family to Maine. They have created jobs, are raising their family, and are active in their industry and in their community. That was their choice and they made it right.

There are folks of all ages who join the Peace Corps, take a year to build homes for Habitat for Humanity, or lovingly care for foster children. There are wives or husbands who choose to give up their career to help their spouse. All choices that they made work. 

Every lifestyle is a choice. Some choose a challenging demanding career; others choose time and travel.  The smart folks make the choice conscientiously and then make it right. 

We choose to live-aboard and some day we will choose to sail the world aboard La Luna. Just like those who choose other paths, we do what it takes to make this choice right. That doesn't make us special or worthy of awe. It does make us happy. And that's enough.


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