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Getting Fit for Boating

Oh my. this is the first time I've made a real effort to get in shape since I turned 50. It is much harder now than it was at 45 ... or 40 ... or 35 ...

In addition to simply losing weight I need to get stronger for pulling lines, going up the mast, working on plumbing. (Oh joy.)

Here's what I've learned about weight loss and me.

1. The calories in that chocolate no one sees you eat, still count. 

2. If you lose an M&M in your car, you will eventually sit on it.

3. If you sit on an M&M in your car - it does nothing bad to the leather seats but your friends will know you sat on chocolate. (Strangers will wonder what you did but won't say anything.)

4. The experience in numbers 2 & 3 above have done more to stop me from sneaking chocolate than the truth of number 1. Embarrassment is an excellent motivator!

5. Yoga is real exercise - with sweating and toning and physical exertion.  Who knew?

6. Years ago I could exercise all week, watch my food and alcohol intake for 5 days, eat and drink what I desired on the weekends and still lose weight.

7. At 53, that is no longer possible. Get over it.

8. There is no room on this boat for "fat" clothes and "skinny" clothes.

9. I have a bag of great summer clothes marked "TSFN" which stands for Too Small For Now.

10. I don't care about gray hair, or laugh lines, or that my feet are getting wider. Can't do anything about those things, anyway.

11. I do care about my weight and lack of fitness and I can do something about it. 

12. It won't be easy. Sometime things aren't supposed to be easy. (I truly hate that.)

13. As I lose weight all the "fat" clothes are going to Goodwill. If I gain weight again I will truly have nothing to wear. That would be more embarrassing than chocolate on my khaki pants. 


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omg, I'm still laughing. This is great, Barb. Whether you live on a boat or not - most of those still apply to us all. I say MOST because I still care about the gray hair, vain as that may be at 53. Laugh lines - not so much ...yet. The feet getting wider is a new one for me. Never heard that. Now, if only we could pick one - the butt or the feet getting wider... what a wonderful world it would be.

Great job!

Heather Denkmire

I love this -- I could've written in myself, really. 'cept for I'm 10 years behind you and I've embraced my nearly sedentary life.

I mean, I'll be active, but instead of harshing on myself for not moving around enough (and watching that loose skin sag and jiggle), I'm accepting who I am and where I am... I believe it's the only thing I can do if I want to make change.

Acceptance is the key. :-)

Barbara Hart

Thanks Heather and Lynnelle! Heather -- I'm thinking doing a TMI Tuesday Blog -- this is the first (a day late). Less on boating and more on real life stuff. I owe you! Lynnelle - the wider feet may be due to the summers in sailing sandals over the past 8 years. Just a bit wider - not a lot. Don't think you have to worry.


Great post Barb! Your post is full of good humor and truth - just like you!

One thing I enjoy about being 50+ is that my self-knowledge is so much greater than it was when I was younger, and I'm MORE willing to take risks and be myself - not less. It would be great if I didn't have to pay for that with most of my hair, but I sure wouldn't trade.

I admire your commitment, self-motivation, and your healthy lifestyle - physically and mentally. You put the "fabulous" in 50+!


i have really really been enjoying your blog - you are an excellent and hilarious writer :)

i just finished reading "younger next year" and thought it was an excellent motivator - you should check it out!

Barbara Hart

Thank you! How nice of you to comment and I will check out that book. It looks interesting.


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