No more swells. Could be warmer.
View on a walk in Harpswell. Happy Easter!

Safe Harbor - On the Hard at Great Island Boatyard

It worked great!  We have moved to Harpswell.

We did go outside and the waves were 6-10 feet. Longish swells -- we and not uncomfortable at all. We "sailed" safe -- didn't leave the cockpit, wore pfds. We had 1-2 miles of visibility and used the auto pilot most of the way. Chose the outside passage as we know it better and didn't have to go over shoaled area south of Baileys during lowish tide and largish seas. 

Left the dock in South Portland before 9, Arrived in Great Island Boatyard around 12:30. La Luna was safely on the hard by 1:30. I took photos and will post later. 

Thank you all for the kind thoughts of safe passage. It was not a difficult ride. 

Today's quote was Bette Davis in All About Eve. The actual quote may be ".. bumpy night".



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