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After I posted our neighbor Sam in his on-deck recliner, one of my readers asked whether I could get a shot of the recliner Sam has below decks. Sam had said that his winter deck recliner was one of two and that it was on deck only to make room for the kerosene heater. 

Sam is a gracious, lovely, intelligent man and he has sailed much farther than I have. He is a great father and a terrific grandfather and a wonderful neighbor. A word of caution, if you and your wife are thinking about living aboard, be careful if you show her this post. Some wives (me included) expect a little more from our salon. Here is Sam relaxing in his on-board recliner:

Sam Below in His Recliner

He does look comfortable.  

You can seen the heater at the right of the photo

There is room for the second recliner  right next to this one when winter is over and the kerosene heater has been moved to storage. 



... I noticed that Sam's dining table was mounted on the bulkhead forward of the recliners. 

In the second photo you can see the heater, his side table and some of the homey touches that appear after a few winter months on the dock.   P3070015

The second recliner will fit in between where the heater is now and the table with Soundings on it. 

Note that directly aft in the photo (forward on the boat) you can see the bottom of the large, teak dining table - perfect for gatherings. 

Hanging on the wall. With no place to go. And no dinette seating to serve it.

"How do you use your table, Sam?" I asked. 

"Well, you really can't eat off it. Someone could sit in the recliner and we could lower the table but it isn't comfortable. I can put my sewing machine on it and fix my sails." 


"And there is a bookcase behind it that is a nice place to keep my books."


In most sailboats the dinette is on one side of the main salon and a settee is on the other. If the designer (or owners) install chairs they take the place of the settee. In new boats, specially designed chairs can be unlocked to glide on a track and allow folks to sit at the table. 

At. The. Table. To share a meal. To sup. To play cards or Scrabble.

As you may have figured out by now, I'm pretty much all about the people we meet and sharing stories and food. 

Sam is all about sailing and comfort. On the starboard side of his salon are a settee/sea berth and an upper sea berth. As a single gentleman who often gets friends to crew with him those sea berths are very important. The dinette, not so much.  It's the perfect sailor's man cave. (I have been informed that women sailors love the comfort of the recliners as much as he does.) 

Sam says that he has eye-bolts behind each chair and simply ties a rope around them in heavy seas. No problem.

To each his own. And thanks, Sam. You are a good sport and a great neighbor. We OK?


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A real floating bachelor pad. Funny!

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I love the recliner, it looks very relaxing in there.

Ken Hurst

Sam, you are a good sport! Sam's The Man! Thanks for being willing to show us just how comfortable living onboard can be.


Barbara Hart

It is relaxing in there! The recliner is certainly more comfortable than the normal settee. Glad you enjoyed the post. Thank you.

Kerosene Heater Wick

Chair looks comfy, but I am like you and want a table and a place to chat over dinner, play games, etc.


Love you comment! Thank you for reading and commenting. I was so surprised to see the recliner -- to each his own.



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