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Living Small - Small Space Living On Board

One of my favorite boating/harbor blogs is Casco Bay Boaters. I love the information and photos - and love- love- love the design. I am not an artist, but I know art when I see it and this blog is art.  

Today, on Casco Bay Boaters, there is an article about a proposed new style of small space living on houseboats in Barcelona. Beautiful living on the water in only 450 square feet. I am delighted that architects and communities are looking for ways to provide interesting housing on a smaller scale. At some point, I may want a land life again and will definitely want small and energy efficient.

In the meantime, we love La Luna and we love our version of living small. Since we have no "square" footage on board, I have absolutely no idea how much living space we actually have. (That would involve way too much science and math and I have no interest in figuring it out - thank you very much.)

My conclusion on the LoftFloat Houseboat -- beautiful but it's too small and spare for me. Love the concept -- would go crazy living there. See, for those of you non-boaters who read this blog and wonder how I can possibly live on a boat, I do have limits.

What I like about our space: 

  1. Teak. Love the teak interior. Love the warmth of the wood.
  2. Forward stateroom. We have space for guests -- and to store projects and to take naps on.
  3. Space for art and framed photos. Not a lot of space, but some
  4. Book shelves. We have a lot of space for books and a lot of books. 
  5. Storage. For a boat, we have a lot of storage. (Remind me of that we we get ready to set sail and I am finding room for all of the provisions.)
  6. Master Stateroom. With a door. Totally separate from the rest of the boat. EW can watch macho movies or play guitar and I can read or sleep in our room.

Give me those things in a 800 square foot LoftFloat or other space and I may be interested if we ever move off La Luna. In the meantime, I'll work on living small and more energy and environmentally conscious in my boat. This is just right. 


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After moving from my 2500 SF / 4-3 house in Dallas to my 650 SF 1-1 apartment in NYC, it took me a while to physically and emotionally downsize. It's been 10 years since the days of 2500 SF homes and even though my current home is 1000 SF, I have no desire for more space. I agree 100% with you - except for the teak that requires sanding and sealing. Mowing and weeding is my limit. ;)

my dream hanging chairs

Living in a small space is a necessity, especially for those who do not have the financial capability to pay for a bigger one. But yes I agree with you it's really a challenge to downsize on space conditions. It may be tough at first, but it's very possible. I've done this before because I lost my high-paying job once.

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