D and I walked three miles today and rewarded ourselves at the half way point.
Man Cave and Living Aboard in Comfort

From Living Aboard in Maine to the Iditarod in Alaska

What does living aboard a sailboat in Maine have to do with the Iditarod? Not much on the surface. 

When people hear we live aboard -- particularly after we've weathered a storm -- they think I'm "brave".  I'm not. I hate being scared and walk away from movies if I am uncomfortable. I'm not all that keen on camping or extreme physical challenges, either. As I told EW, as a live aboard, I'm not "No Maintenance" I'm "Low Maintenance". 

One of our neighbors (albeit a 6 month live aboard) has completed the Iditarod and his mom is competing right now in the 2010 Iditarod. Now that's brave. So this week we who live on the water in Maine are rooting for Cindy Gallea, a nurse practitioner with two grown sons, who is living her dream mushing a team in a grueling race. 


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