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Safe Harbor - On the Hard at Great Island Boatyard

It worked great!  We have moved to Harpswell.

We did go outside and the waves were 6-10 feet. Longish swells -- we and not uncomfortable at all. We "sailed" safe -- didn't leave the cockpit, wore pfds. We had 1-2 miles of visibility and used the auto pilot most of the way. Chose the outside passage as we know it better and didn't have to go over shoaled area south of Baileys during lowish tide and largish seas. 

Left the dock in South Portland before 9, Arrived in Great Island Boatyard around 12:30. La Luna was safely on the hard by 1:30. I took photos and will post later. 

Thank you all for the kind thoughts of safe passage. It was not a difficult ride. 

Today's quote was Bette Davis in All About Eve. The actual quote may be ".. bumpy night".


Leaving Portland Harbor for Great Island Boatyard in Casco Bay Maine

Good morning. This will be a quick post written just after seven AM on the 31st of March. We are getting ready to leave this marina in South Portland for the summer, heading to Great Island Boatyard in Harpswell Maine. EW is the yacht broker there and he will be the one without a commute this summer. I will use their wifi and commute to the Portland area 2 or 3 days a week. 

Last night was rough. Up to 30 MPH winds from NE. Not serious and not a severe NE storm but very, very uncomfortable. I got fewer than 3 hours of sleep and EW didn't get much more. Just talked with our neighbor across the dock - we are stern to stern. He said he got up in the night, thinking his boat was rolling a lot then he looked at ours and felt fortunate. We were mildly amused. He has a powerboat and should have been rolling much more than we were. This sailboat needs a mast. Can't wait. We rolled side to side from 11 to 2. 

Here's the plan for today: 

  1. EW is taking apart the last of the frame (the door) and tossing it.
  2. I'm stowing down below, doing breakfast dishes and packing to move ashore for 16 days
  3. I will enter two courses into our navigation software -  One, up inside of Chebeague then out by Bailey's Island and two, straight out past Portland Head then outside up to Ragged Island. If it isn't too rough we prefer the more direct outside passage and neither of us relishes navigating around the small rocky islands and the shoal area near Bailey's. 
  4. We will leave here between 8:30 and 9 - two + hours after low and hope that we can get right out the channel.
  5. We will probably head out the ship's channel and see what the seas are like. Right now they are 11 feet but if those are big swells from the south it won't be too uncomfortable. According to Passage Weather, those seas are supposed to subside very soon.  In this boat we will be safe, just hoping for some comfort. 

The winds have died down a lot -- just like Passage Weather said they would. It is raining lightly or misting heavily. Cool. I'll pretend we are in Scotland or the Pacific Northwest - two places on my sailing bucket list. It will be an adventure. (Are we having fun yet?)

I'll post tweets and photos to this blog as we go. Should take 3 - 4 hours. We'll be hauled this afternoon and I'll be painting La Luna's bottom during the sunny weather coming up at the end of the week.  The mast will be put in on the 5th and EW has knee surgery on the 6th. Thankfully we can stay at a friend's house until the 15th and we will (fingers crossed) be back in the water by then.

Wish us luck and stay tuned! It's going to be a bumpy ride. (Name that movie and actress!)