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A few weeks ago as I was walking out to our boat I noticed a large object on the deck of a neighbor's boat. It looked like ... no, could it be? It looked like a recliner. A large reclining chair on his deck!  Now, since we don't lock our shrink wrap doors, I could have just peeked to see for myself, but I decided to wait until I ran into Sam on the dock.

Me: Sam, do you have a recliner on board?

Sam: Yep. I've got two of them!

Me: Really.

Sam: They are the best! Very comfortable down below. I've had them on board for years. I had to move one to the deck to make way for the heater this winter. It's great on a sunny day. 

So I asked Sam whether I could take a photo of him in his on-deck recliner for this blog and he graciously agreed. Sam in his On Deck Recliner

He does look comfortable, but did say he doesn't have room on deck to actually recline. Down below is a different story. "These are great to have on board, especially when we are rocking a bit. It's a very secure seat." 

You know how once something is brought to your attention, it keeps popping up? Well I've been reading a lot about making boat cushions for the cockpit and below and have particularly been reading all I can find by Don Casey. In one of Don Casey's articles, he states that he much prefers having two chairs, preferably reclining ones, instead of a settee. (Of course he is talking about below decks, though I'm sure he would approve of Sam's unique style.)  

We aren't going to remove our settee. EW would kill me and I'd miss the storage. So stay tuned over the next few months as I try to do most of what Don describes in order to make our main saloon more comfortable. 


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Ken Hurst

Hey Barb, maybe you could talk Sam into taking some pics of his easy chair(s) below deck? And then post them on your site? This sounds like it would be something we would want to do whenever we make the move aboard. I'm pretty sure my wife would love to be able to keep her Mom's old easy chair that's she inherited.


Barbara Hart

I'll ask him, Ken -- after the storm! :)

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