Relaxing On Deck: One Live-Aboard's Style
When You Live Aboard on the Dock, Storm Issues are Wind Direction and Tide

Northeast Winds in February - Or Why I'm Going to Work from Shore Today

In a previous post I discussed the first things most people say when they hear we live aboard. There will be another list post down the road about the things people worry about for us (heat, storms, water, etc.)

In this marina, we don't like strong northeast winds -- at high tide they make us bounce. REALLY strong northeast winds (35 to 40 and up) can damage the docks and one or both of us stick around to protect the boat and keep an eye on the lines. This morning we have 20 knots from the northeast with gusts to 29 and high tide was 6:19. We are fine and the boat is fine but it is not comfortable to sit at your desk and try to work on the computer as your boat rolls left and right. 

When EW got our vitamins out this morning, he put mine in the iron skillet on the gimbaled stove so I wouldn't lose them.  (I <3 EW)

This is what things looked like from our open door at 7:30 AM today. It is why I have taken my laptop to a friend's office. (I <3 Lynnelle). 


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