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So -- with my good friend Lynnelle (@lynnelle on Twitter) I have started to undertake ProBlogger's 31 Days to a Better Blog. Yes, I purchased it months ago - better late than never.

Day One: Come up with a "Elevator Pitch" for your blog. In my daily life as a self employed hiring consultant, I do a lot of networking and I teach traditional networking techniques to area chamber members. Elevator pitches are a specialty of mine. In keeping them short I remind people that we have no sky scrapers in Maine. Gotta get it done in 4 floors! But I've never thought of an elevator pitch for my blog. Great idea, Darren. 

Lynnelle and I met for breakfast with printed copies of the first three days, pens and paper and did some brainstorming. I want this blog to be interesting, informative and fun (funny at times). And I want to convey that in my elevator pitch. Of course the E.P. must mention sailing and living aboard, too. So, I said to Lynnelle, "Wish I had the words for the Gilligan's Island theme -- bet I could do something with that!" Seconds later, the theme was on Lynnelle's IPhone and I wrote my first blog elevator pitch:  

Harts At Sea is the tale of a fateful trip that started in a cold Maine port aboard a tiny ship.

Now this E.P. will certainly change over time -- but that's what I am going with now. Those who know me will know I couldn't stop there, however. So ... Here is our new theme song -- sung to the tune of Gilligan's Isle:

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,

A tale of a fateful trip

That started in this cold Maine port

Aboard this tiny ship, Aboard this tiny ship.


The mate is a mighty sailing man,

The skipper willing and new

On April 1st with dog named Jake

They moved aboard in 02. They moved aboard in 02


The winter started getting rough,

The tiny ship was tossed,

If not for the courage of the fearless crew

La Luna coulda been lost. La Luna coulda been lost.


Read about the past eight years sailing and living in Maine

With Barb At Sea

And Cap’t EW

The Champion Boat Yard Dog

The Boat La Luna

Our Friends and Family

Here on Harts At Sea


So this is the tale of the Harts At Sea

They’ve lived aboard a long time

Now they are preparing to sail away

And it’s an uphill climb. And it’s an uphill climb.


Now Barb At Sea and the Cap’t too

Will do their very best

To prepare La Luna to cruise the world

And fulfill their years’ long quest. And fulfill their years' long quest.


We’ve phone, radio and safety gear

And we have some luxury 

Like those who tour in land yachts

As comfortable as can be. As comfortable as can be.


So join us here each week my friends,

You’re sure to get some smiles,

From Barb At Sea and Cap’t EW

As we cruise to distant isles. As we cruise to distant isles.


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