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What is Bold?

Oh man.  My very good friend Lynnelle Wilson (also the person who introduced me to social media and all of its trials and glories) has a new venture: BOLDBusiness TV -- "An internet series of interviews with people not doing business as usual."

She thinks I'm bold. She thinks I'm bold because I live and have a home office on the boat. A lot of people think I'm brave when they hear about our lifestyle. I'm not. I hate being scared. I cried during our first major thunderstorm at sea. I will not go to any scary movie. Ever. I worry. When another dear friend recently had a serious and sudden illness, I laid awake most of the night worrying about her -- and about what would happen if EW or I were similarly struck while at sea. These are not the actions of a bold woman.

I do like being a bit different, though, and I have learned that what is right for us is what matters. EW and I have decided together that we live on a boat and prepare to cross oceans in her. La Luna is our vehicle for seeing the world. We aren't going to participate in any races or tackle long distance solo sailing. We are going to wait for good weather, get constant weather updates and sail around storms that threaten us. We are purchasing safety equipment and will get immunizations when the time comes. I'm not sure if we are bold, but we do have a shared sense of adventure and we do plan to live into our old age and bore everyone with our stories. 

Some folks build companies from nothing and meet payroll week in and week out. Still others take their passion and develop successful non-profit organizations for service and the arts. Those folks are bold too. Lynnelle will talk with people like that in future episodes of BOLDBusiness TV (I know that for a fact because I know the first 4 episodes she taped.) Speaking of bold -- some people develop new careers and walk the talk by creating opportunities, hiring professional production talent and developing an internet TV show out of whole cloth. Lynnelle is bold like that. She's also great at interviews. I knew she would be. No one asks questions and probes like Lynnelle. 

So anyway. She thinks I'm bold and she put me in her show. Check us out. BOLDBusiness TV  She did great, so bookmark that video blog as a new interview comes out every two weeks. 

I appeared on Lynnelle's show. How will you be bold in 2010? 


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Thanks, Barb. But even if you worry about ill friends and cry in thunderstorms, you're one of the boldest, dearest people I know. We also need to have a less on on embedding videos in your blog so your readers can watch you without leaving your blog! Will be important as you start to upload your own videos. ;) And tell Kathy, yes- she can sign the blog. "Love". Lynnelle

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