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How We Get Water in the Winter

Boatyards and Boaters and Electric Bills

You may remember a post/rant I wrote on November 19 about our electric bill. Though we had only been at the marina for two weeks in October, we received an electric bill that was 4 times the normal winter monthly rate. 

So just last week the boatyard resolved the problem. Though they "didn't find anything wrong with it" yeah right) they did change the meter on our pole and moved our cord back to where it belongs. Of course they did this without telling us and moved the cord when I was on board and in the middle of an interview which was disconnected when they unplugged the boat.

They also prorated the October bill to an average of a normal 2 week period for us. The bill went from over $160.00 to $20.00. I can handle that. 


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