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Ghostly Reflections

Working in the Galley

When we moved aboard over 7 years ago, Stew (and I) wondered what I would miss about living on shore and in our home. Potential areas that would be cause for sadness or withdrawal were the herb garden,  the neighbors and our new dishwasher. 

The dishwasher was big (at the time). We had upgraded to a new one less than 6 months before we sold the house. It was a beauty, though for the life of me now I can't remember the brand. It was quiet and it didn't require pre-rinsing -- that I remember. I also remember installing it. Our neighbors got wind of this project -- probably when we enlisted their help in moving it into place. The evening was spent with three men installing it (Stew and two others) and three women hanging around the island supervising and drinking wine. You can see why I liked the neighborhood! 

Anyway, when we moved aboard, we actually seriously discussed what it would be like to not have a dishwasher. (I cringe as I write this. Really.) I thought about it and told Stew that I like cooking. He likes it when I cook for him -- bur readily will enjoy a restaurant or take out when I am not in the mood.  I am so not a chef. (As tonight's meal would indicate,  I tried a new mussels and pasta recipe and it wasn't great. That recipe is toast).  While we used to share the cooking at the house, the boat galley is big enough for one. I like to cook and  I don't mind doing dishes. Here is what I don't like to do: clear after the meal, prior to dishes. I also don't like to put dishes away all that much -- but not as much as I don't like clearing the area and getting things ready for doing the dishes.

Stew agreed to take on those tasks when we moved aboard. When I cook a dinner, he clears the table, puts away the left-overs and clears up the work area. I do the dishes. Here's a secret: I married the best clearer upper in the world. Really. When he is done, doing the dishes is a cinch. No problem. Not an issue. On this Thanksgiving Eve I am thankful for our life, and for my husband -- the best kitchen clearer ever. 

As for the herb garden, I got over it. As for the neighbors, there are always great ones on the dock. Life is good. Living aboard is great.


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