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Living Aboard on a Beautiful Day -- As the Geese Fly South

What a beautiful day! And it is so unexpected. We've had too many nights of Northeast winds with water slapping (banging!) against the hull -- right behind our bed. Stew slept in the forward cabin last night as he can't get ear plugs to work for him. I stopped up my ears and slept in our stateroom -- like a baby.

This morning, the twit pic photo was of Portland under steel gray clouds. I heard geese honking overhead as I snapped the shot. This afternoon -- well look for yourself! I've had the furnace off and the companionway open for the past two hours. Can't beat that for late October.

While the geese are heading south, we are not. It is time to get La Luna ready for 6 months under wraps. Those who follow me on Twitter (@BarbAtSea) have expressed interest in those of us (crazy fools) who live on our boats year round in Maine. I promise to write posts that give you this year's play by play and posts that give you a retrospective from the past 6 years aboard. (Can you say Patriot's Day Storm?)

Next steps for us: We will sail La Luna to Great Island Boatyard in Harpswell on Sunday. Next week they will haul her out of the water and remove her mast and rigging. (Rigging is the stuff that holds the mast up. That is very important.) The outstanding crew at GIBY will re-rig the mast over the winter. We will motor back to South Portland next weekend, back into the slip so we can sleep better in the prevailing North winds, and make plans to put the winter cover on, sans mast. (I have been assured that is actually easier than doing so with the mast.) I promise to document all of the above and post blogs and tweets.

But first - we need to have the initial gathering of the '09/'10 winter live-aboards -- and have planned a chili party on Friday. We get to scare the newbies and tell them how we handle winter on A Dock in Maine. Stay tuned!


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