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Exploring Home before we Sail the World

Living With Less Equals Fixing Not Throwing

Here are two facts for those who Live Aboard:

1. You need to pair down your belongings. 

2. You need to learn to fix not throw

One of the top ten questions people ask when they hear we live aboard is "What did you do with your stuff?" The answer of course is that we got rid of most of it. We had the mother of all house sales. Everything on the first floor and in the yard (except for the dog) was for sale. We had a second sale 6 weeks later trying to get rid of the left overs.  We still ended up with a full 6 X 10 foot storage locker and a lot of framed art.

Two years ago, we hauled the boat for extensive work, cleaned out the shore side storage locker and sold/donated even more. Even now we still have stuff to get rid of. 

The boat rule is if a new (pair of shoes, pan, computer, fill in the blank) comes on board, the old one is taken off. This is actually an easy and freeing way to live. I know that many years from now when we move back on shore I want a small condo with a lot of built ins. When you have a lot of space you fill it up, and I no longer want to fill my space with things that don't matter. 

However -- one can get carried away. During that haul-out/clean-out I insisted that we didn't need two coffee pots to go with our electric coffee maker and got rid of one. The pot is stainless steel so I wasn't worried about shattering the one we kept. This week, the handle broke. Stew wasn't happy that we didn't have the extra pot, but he got to work evaluating the situation, and collecting supplies. The result: a perfectly functioning pot with an epoxied handle. Cool. I look forward to getting rid of the electric coffee maker when we take off. The 12 cup, old-fashioned percolator is waiting for action. In the meantime, we make coffee just like landlubbers, but we fix and keep things like Live-Aboards.


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