Living Aboard in Maine and Planning to Sail the World
Dawn on Inauguration Day from a Live Aboard Boat in maine

Cold Morning on a Sailboat in Maine

So the topic in Maine - as it is at least once in the winter -- is "Boy it sure is cold out!" Yesterday morning was beautiful. Below zero, no wind, and sea smoke in the harbor. The ocean has frozen so the docks don't move. When you walk, certain boards will creak; it sounds more like a snap or crack and echos off the nearby condos. The Mergansers that normally startle us as they scurry away from our footsteps have found open water someplace else for the week, so I am all alone in this surreal environment. This was the photo I shot around 6:45 AM on the 16h. Beautiful. While I don't want to live aboard year round in Maine forever. I do want to notice the beautiful moments we have here.

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Beautiful. Glad you can find poetry in the extreme weather. We saw the sea smoke over the Back Cove. It was so striking I was almost happy the kids missed their bus so I had to be out and about.

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