Stormy Winter Day at the Dock
Living With Less Equals Fixing Not Throwing

Progress and Change

Shhh. I have a secret. Stew and I have set the date (well the month/year) we plan to talk off. I assure you we are talking years not months in the future, but we have a lot to do to get ready. Now, I wish I had an MBA in Project Management. This is going to be an interesting, fun, daunting challenge. We need to make a lot of lists and check them time and time again. We will need to scale back for now on some of the ideal purchases. 

Here's the rule for setting the Date of Departure: Make it Happen. Thankfully, I have recently read articles about such lists. The universal rule of all who are "out there" now is to do what we can, and cross off all that isn't vital. The goal is not to complete the list. The goal is to set sail for world cruise. I need to remember that.


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