November Winds On A Dock in Maine
The Perception and Reality About Those Who Live Aboard in Maine

Preparing for Another Winter

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Well -- the boat is covered in "clear" plastic so no snow on the decks this weekend. The cover keeps the boat warmer, cuts down on condensation on the ports and hatches, and allows us to have a "mud room" I guess that is one thing I miss about having a house. When you live aboard, you don't have a mud room or entry area separate from the main part of the house. Now we have a place for wet boots and gloves and those other things that can gather waiting to be taken up the dock. Come April I will begin to hate the cover and will thoroughly enjoy the day we tear her off -- a much easier process than putting her on.


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This conjures up an interesting picture in my mind. Would love to see a REAL photo of the boat "shrink-wwrapped." In the RV I've taken to putting foam covered bubblewrap insulation in the windows at night. A real pain and next winter I'll make it easier to do. But for this year it helps with drafts at night.

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