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The Perception and Reality About Those Who Live Aboard in Maine

On the Sunday before Thanksgiving a reporter for the local daily paper wandered the dock in search of a story about people living aboard due to the downturn in the economy. That wasn't the story. None of the live-aboards who spoke with her are here for that reason. Many of us have gone or are planning to go on a long cruise and this is the way to get used to the boat and focus on the future. All of us like the lifestyle and the neighbors. I like the way it forces us to live more simply. We may decorate for the holidays, but don't feel the need to keep up with the neighbors and light up the world. In my opinion, no one needs to buy those huge inflatable lawn ornaments. What is up with that? By necessity, we keep things simple. Perhaps that is the lesson for today's economy.


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I can share your sentiment on this one. I've planned on full-time RVing since 1999. 2008 was my transition year and I now work (as a VA) full-time from my RV. I too love the smaller "footprint" and not having to keep up with the Joneses. It does require some getting used to. I'm in a 33' TT with 2 Giant Schnauzers and 2 small parrots. You learn to be really neat. But it offers me options I didn't have for many years. I enjoy your blog and can really relate to it!

Rosa Linda Román

I, too, enjoy your blog. Right now my husband and I are simultaneously renovating an old airstream trailer and searching for a sailboat for purchase. Not sure which will win out, but one way or the other we will be simplifying our lives in the next few months. All with two little girls! Can't wait for the adventures.I hope you keep writing these great posts!

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