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Ice on the Water

This is our first real winter storm of the year. We had ice, not snow, and the projected heavy winds from the north east did not materialize. Those winds -- above 30 knots from the north east create a lot of rock and roll down here and threaten the docks and dock lines at high tide. As ice storms go, this hasn't been the worst for us. All we have to do is periodically bang the plastic cover to remove the built up ice -- and then shovel those blocks and shards of ice off the dock so we don't fall. Of course, cleats on our boots are mandatory -- falling in would be a very bad thing. We actually invited friends on land to contact us if they lose power. We have it better than they do. We can operate on our batteries for quite some time and run the engine to recharge if we have to. If the neighborhood loses power all we lose is Internet access. So we are warm, cozy and comfortable during this ice day.


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