Good-by to Jake, Sailing Dog
Preparing for Another Winter

November Winds On A Dock in Maine

Wow -- some weather in the Northeast today. At least we haven't had snow. Some parts of Maine may see 60 knots of wind tonight -- NOT my favorite kind of day on the dock. 

It is time for us to begin winter preparations. I've gone to the storage locker twice so far, bringing home warmer clothing, hats and gloves, and cleats. The docks can get slippery long before we need boots and falling into the harbor would be a bad thing. Stew has ordered the plastic for the cover. We will shrink wrap shortly before or after Thanksgiving. Before that we will turn La Luna so she faces north into the direction of the prevalent winds of the season. We had hoped for one last sail, but the weather hasn't cooperated. So, now we get ready for winter, plan indoor projects and deck work under the cover on nice days. There is a danger of "cocooning" getting so comfortable below that we don't venture out except for work and errands. Some winters, we have done too much boat work and had no fun. This year I will plan for one event each month and look for other little things we can do for fun. Time to plan for winter. Are you ready?


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OK --- I can relate to the cocooning --- I've found it increasingly easy to "hibernate." Went through the entire 2 week holiday period without driving anywhere. Especially when I have to drop the front window cover (due to wind), it becomes easier to "hide" inside. Things one never things about til you're in the midst of them.

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