Winter Dangers When Living Aboard a Sailboat in Maine
Good-by to Jake, Sailing Dog

Finally -- a new blog posting in time for spring!

Well, this blogging thing requires discipline. Not sure that I really want something else in my life that requires discipline, but will attempt it again. 

It is mid-May and we are happily doing spring things. We took the winter cover off in April -- and that is a wonderful day! The grill is bolted to the port stern rail, the new dinghy motor has a new motor mount on the starboard stern rail, and the sails have been hanked on. Life is good on board.

 This morning, it was warm and sunny with little wind, the perfect time to test the new 9 horsepower 4 stroke dinghy motor. Love the motor, but at 85 pounds getting from the stern rail to the inflatable requires one very interesting harness on the motor, one coordinated husband to tote motor to the middle of the starboard side, and the spinnaker halyard to hoist the motor over the lifelines and down into the dinghy. It worked. This will be marginally easier when we get our stern arch in the future. That will have a hoist on it for the motor and we can lift it over the stern. 

No one said living aboard and sailing as a lifestyle is easy. It is worth it. The new (last year) inflatable moves smartly with the quiet motor. I feel as though I am in the lap of luxury as unlike our little old motor -- this one has both neutral and reverse. You try getting out of a crowded dinghy dock without either one of those and you'll know why I am so happy. So -- a few boat projects and fixes and we should be off for Memorial Weekend in 6 days. Whoopee! Happy sailing, everyone.


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