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Our Community of Folks Living Aboard In Maine

As I've mentioned before, we have an excellent neighborhood on the dock. Certainly, we all have an interest in making sure that things are safe, we generally keep watch of others' boats when they are not home, and we help each other in many ways. 

In addition, many of us are tied to the community. Six of us are self employed or small business owners; we vote; and we volunteer. An incomplete list includes active chamber of commerce members, a coach for handicapped skiers, and two who teach yoga classes at the community center. As a group, we have sent packages off to those who are serving in Iraq, and we have supported causes taken up by our neighbors and their families. 

In the future, when La Luna sets sail on her world cruise, we hope to become members of some of the communities we visit. There apparently is an excellent network of world cruisers who spread the word about what is needed in various areas and who then take action to help where it is needed. Delivering books, helping to renovate a school, providing transportation among Pacific Islands are all things that we can do to become involved.

 Some see sailing as the opportunity to "get away from it all". But we don't actually see it that way. I look on it as a way to test ourselves -- but also as a way for us to better develop a world view and to learn others triumphs and challenges in a very hands-on manner. One of my goals during these few years we have left in South Portland, is to become a bit more involved locally and to develop the habits that I want to take with me when we head out. Stew and I certainly have been blessed in many ways. It is time to make sure that we give back to whatever place we call home.


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