Living Aboard a Sailboat in Maine
Stormy Days On A Live Aboard Sailboat

Living Aboard at the Marina - While Our Neighbors Move On

We have lived at this marina since September of 2002. As you may imagine, since our homes are portable, the neighbors change each season. There has been a core group of 6 or 7 boats for the past few years and this winter we have been joined by 10 other boats of couples and singles. There are over 25 people living here and it is a great neighborhood. 

We watch out for each other, socialize, and even work together for a cause or community event. Last week 9 of us attended the Democratic caucus. We are sad because in a few months many of our neighbors will leave us -- and only one boat will be leaving for the ultimate best reason -- an extended cruise. 

One couple will move to Arizona where she has accepted a coveted nursing position in a teaching hospital. Another couple will move back into the house they rented 2 years ago when they set sail for the Caribbean. Yet another couple have decided that family and work require them to purchase a home and move back "on the hard". 

Dave and Judy are going to help the rest of us keep the dream alive. They will set sail this spring for Nova Scotia, where they own property. They'll work and enjoy the beautiful Maritime coast and head for the Caribbean in the fall. It is time to begin to plan a major going away party for all of these wonderful neighbors. I am reassured by the nature of this lifestyle and am certain we will have equally wonderful new neighbors next autumn.


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