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kate @ bbf.

You have a beautiful galley - I bet La Luna is a lovely boat. The author should take a cruise on some of the Maine windjammers to see what talented people can turn out of a boat galley. Or come aboard the Lynx and check out the huge propane stove/oven, Le Creuset cookware set, and yes, microwave. I did live aboard a 26' daysailer w/ a camp stove and no running water - that was like camping. Our boat now has a grill on the railing - I love it except for that it's a bit slanty, so the pizza toppings tend to run off one side. :)

Heidi Love

Thanks for sharing this. I liked the "only cook when the boat is docked or anchored." I had to shake my head on that one. The menus on one of my passages included:steak pizziole, chicken cacciatore, caldo verde, chili, moo shoo veggies with udon noodles, and lasagne. Definitely not camping. While we skip the wine when we're underway, we do really enjoy the food. It tastes especially great in the fresh air on a moonlit night.

Barbara Hart

Sounds delicious! Also sounds like you have a super season planned. Enjoy.


I love your galley. In fact I'm jealous. Ours is small but I often test it's limits. I have often cooked while sailing. I still have lots to learn tho, so I am open to any and all suggestions.

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